female prayers is a performative video and sound art installation, based on the belief that one day we will hear female voices calling for prayer in public spaces around the world. The art installation challenges patriarchal and traditional notions of gender, societal and cultural structures, and the religion of Islam. You can read more about the project on femaleprayers.org.

Nevin Eronde debuts as a film composer with a soundtrack that plays congenially with the images and is half the experience.

– Claus Christensen, Filmmagasinet Ekko, 2013

SOIL (2016)
Not released. Composed the soundtrack for an art movie about death; the phenomenon of animals seeking into nature, when ready to die.

Nevin Tuna Erönde (b. 1974) graduated from the University of Salford, B(Sc) Music, Acoustics & Recording in 2003. Composer and sound artist with a focus on intersectionality and decolonisation in storytelling. Her art is based on experiences from her own life, from which she thematises gender, cultural and societal structures, using sound art as a medium.

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